Florida State University
Office of Trademark Licensing

Name Image Likeness (NIL)


Many emblems identify Florida State University, including, but not limited to, its name, the University seal, triple torch logo, and the University athletic team symbols. Certain University symbols or logos are registered as trademarks of the University at the State or Federal level, and the University therefore has certain rights with regard to their use.

Use of University Marks on Merchandise/Retail Products

  • Student-athletes must receive prior written approval and follow University protocol, including licensing procedures and brand guidelines to use intellectual property from the Office of Trademark Licensing.
  • Any merchandise that contains Florida State trademarks, service marks, logos, symbols, or other intellectual property needs to be manufactured by a University licensee who has NIL co-branded rights on its license agreement through Florida State University and its licensing agency, CLC. A complete licensee list can be found here.
  • Negotiations for use of Student Athlete NIL will not be handled by the University or CLC, nor will royalties or other payments owed to a Student Athlete for use of their NIL pass through or otherwise be administered by the University or its licensing agency, CLC.
  • The University charges a royalty for all cobranded merchandise, which is paid by the licensee.
  • Florida State University does not license its marks for use in connection with certain categories of goods and services and reserves the right to decline any request that it feels conflicts with the University program.
  • The licensing program has exclusive agreements in place with key vendors in certain product categories. These categories include trading cards, jerseys, and performance apparel.
  • All NIL related activities, including merchandise deals, must be disclosed through the INFLCR app in a timely manner. Timely disclosure is required under state law and Florida State University policy. Disclosure of NIL related activities in the INFLCR app is not intended to be an approval process.

Use of Campus Landmarks in Photographs and Films

Use of campus facilities or grounds for NIL activities requires written authorization from FSU; Commercial film or photography requires additional approval from the Office of University Communications. Authorized use may necessitate additional requirements, including certification of insurance, payment of applicable rental fees, etc.

Use of University Marks or Imagery by Third Party Businesses or Organizations

  • The use of Florida State University branding and imagery by a third party business is limited to companies with which the University has a formal written contract. Such uses include, but are not limited to, use of actual university logos, name, and verbiage, pictures of campus, or activities on campus, slogans (i.e. “Go Noles”), distinct graphics (i.e. uniforms and uniform elements, campus landmarks/buildings).
  • Negotiations for use of Student Athlete NIL will not be handled by Seminole Sports Properties, nor will payments owed to a Student Athlete for use of their NIL pass through or otherwise be administered by Seminole Sports Properties.

Use of Photos/Videos of Student-Athletes in Florida State University Gear/Uniform

  • Student-athletes must be mindful of where photos come from. All photos distributed on INFLCR are shared with the Student-Athlete to build his/her personal brand on social media.
  • Use of photo/videos for NIL purposes will need approval from the rights holder.

Wearing Florida State University Apparel on Social Media

  • Student-athletes may wear Florida State University apparel and uniforms while promoting themselves or appearing on social media (e.g. student-athletes building their brand).
  • Student-athletes may not endorse a product or service while in Florida State University apparel or uniforms without prior approval through Seminole Sports Properties. (e.g. student-athletes may not commercialize their brand while wearing Florida State University apparel or uniforms without prior written approval).

Stating Factual Student-Athlete Information

  • A student-athlete may state factual information as part of an endorsement. You may say, in connection with NIL Activities, that you are a student-athlete at Florida State University and list your personal academic or athletic accolades.
  • A student-athlete may not imply, directly or indirectly, that Florida State University is endorsing a company, service, or any products without prior approval through Seminole Sports Properties.

Marks and Imagery NOT Permitted to be Used for NIL Activities

  • Osceola and Renegade
  • Tribal Pattern (outside of being on the team uniform on licensed product)
  • Unconquered Statue
  • University Seal
  • Vintage Marks
  • Cimarron