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Office of Trademark Licensing

Seminole Clubs

Trademark Licensing Guidelines

In partnership with the Florida State University Alumni Association, the Office of Trademark Licensing wants to ensure that Seminole Club members have access to purchase product which promotes their Seminole Club or Chapter.

Use of a University mark with an organization name implies association with the university. Therefore, only alumni clubs and chapters recognized by the FSU Alumni Association are allowed to use University marks in conjunction with their organization’s name.

The following information should be used as a reference guide by Seminole Club and Chapters when designing graphics, marketing materials or promotional items that feature any of Florida State University’s marks. By following the guidelines outlined within this guide, you will be adhering to Florida State’s brand guidelines and representing the university in a positive light.

Club/Chapter Logos

All designs must be approved by Licensing. The following guidelines apply:

  • Club/Chapter logos must identify the organization by including the official name of the Seminole club or chapter (example: “CITY” Seminole Club, or Seminole Club of “City”)
  • Designs must follow University Brand Guidelines, which can be found at here.
  • Only current University trademarks can be used (use of vintage marks is not permitted).
  • University marks may not be altered. Marks may not be stretched, squeezed, have added patterns or effects, or otherwise modified.
  • The tribal pattern is not permitted to be used on any merchandise, as this pattern is reserved explicitly for those organizations affiliated with the athletic department.
  • Before incorporating a community landmark or icon into a club logo, the Seminole Club/Chapter must ensure that that imagery is not protected by a third party.

Please note that if the Seminole Club/Chapter elects to create its own mark, Florida State University still maintains ownership of the mark, and all product containing the mark must be produced by a licensed vendor of the University.

Ordering Merchandise

Any product, packaging or signage bearing University trademarks (including product with only club logos and no other marks must be purchased only from those manufacturers licensed to produce merchandise bearing University marks. Using an officially licensed company to manufacture a product ensures that brand guidelines are met, the company has provided appropriate product liability insurance, and has fulfilled contractual requirements to protect Florida State University and its intellectual property.

To ensure consistency in the use and protection of the University’s name and marks, all product designs and club/chapter logos using the University’s marks must be approved by Licensing and follow these guidelines:

  • The purpose of promotional merchandise created by Seminole Clubs/Chapters should be to promote the specific Club/Chapter and not to create general Florida State merchandise.
  • The official Seminole Club name must be on the product (unabbreviated).
  • Do not use acronyms if the design isn’t clear (“FARFNC” may mean something to your group, but not to external audiences).
  • No representation of any Native American image or identity should be used as a part of a Seminole Club mark or design.

Please note a 12% royalty is required for organizations ordering Florida State-embellished items not paid for by university funds, as well as for all products that are used for fundraising. These royalties will be included in the bill by your licensed vendor. With your purchase of licensed merchandise for your organization the royalties added will be reinvested back into the University.

Use of Third-Party Marks

Use of trademarks or other intellectual property owned by a third party must be approved by that entity in writing and submitted to the Licensing Office along with the desired artwork. For example, if a club or chapter wishes to use artwork, slogans, or trademarks created by someone not associated with a club, a written release allowing for such use is required before Florida State University will grant design approval.

Club Sponsors

Sponsor logos can only be used in conjunction with official club/chapter logo, and cannot be combined with standalone University trademarks (ex: The Seminole head cannot appear alongside a sponsor restaurant on a koozie).

Unauthorized Use

Please note that any use of University marks that does not comply with the University's licensing and approval requirements is unauthorized and may violate Federal and/or state laws. The University reserves the right to take appropriate action when confronted with unauthorized use of its marks.

Recommended Vendors

For a complete list of vendors, including recommendations for your organization, please visit our "Find a Licensee" page here.